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Alternative Ways to See Berlin


Germany’s capital of cool, Berlin is home to some of the more quirky tourist attractions. Should you want to deviate away from the norm, and breakaway from a holiday rut, then visit Berlin. Berlin is known for being off-the-wall and being quirky. For a truly unique taste of Germany, Berlin offers some truly wacky attractions and days out for the ... Read More »

How to keep kids entertained on a cruise


“It’s so boring out here, what do I do here”. This phrase coming from the mouth of an offspring can spoil the mood on any holiday. If you hear the dreaded phrase while you are on a cruise ship surrounded by sea water you might think that your worst nightmare has come true. The good news is that cruise ship ... Read More »

Tips for first-time drivers in Thailand

Self-drive holidays in Thailand add another dimension to exploring this exotic country, but here are a few pointers to be aware of, to make sure that you make it home in one piece. Driving Permit Before you leave home allow enough time to apply for an international driving permit; if you have a valid driving licence the process is quite ... Read More »

All You Need to Know About a Day Trip to St Tropez


St Tropez is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit, and is the perfect destination from which to start a good exploration of the beautiful French Riviera. A small fishing village until the start of the 20th Century, it has since exploded in popularity, becoming a world-famous beach resort after the Second World War. Known also for the great many artists ... Read More »

Five Tips On How To Plan A Budget Trip To New York

Five Tips On How To Plan A Budget Trip To New York

New York is one of the most popular holiday destinations for many people in different parts of the world. This is because of the city’s bright lights and the expensive lifestyle of its residents. However, it is possible for you to have a great time at New York even if you are travelling on a shoestring budget. Here are some ... Read More »

Planning For A trip Around The World


To take a successful tour of the world, you should have a comprehensive plan as well as an effective budget. It is very important to have prior knowledge of your destinations in order to come up with reasonable cost estimates. It is also important to secure your insurance and other financial affairs at home before going for your trip. Read More »

How to celebrate Christmas in Thailand


Christmas does not have much of an influence in Thailand, but there is a remarkable rise in the popularity of this holiday, particularly in Bangkok. By the fact that Thailand is principally a Buddhist republec, there is a very small population of Christians, and the Christmas holiday merrymaking is entirely profane. Although most people will not honour the holiday through ... Read More »

Best travel calling apps

Gone are the days when summer vacations used to be the conventional holidays. These days, people travel and people travel big and far! The tourism industry has never before recorded such a huge surge in the influx of tourists as can be seen in the past 5 years. People travel with family, for business and then there are backpackers! Travelling ... Read More »